Dispatch Application

Dispatch Application & Agreement

With our dispatch service we cover the entire load planning process for you, from the booking the load to billing and invoicing for the load after delivery. In order to get setup we encourage you to complete this form. 

Within this packet you will find some forms that need to be completed. We ask that you read and fill them out as completely as possible. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 800-708-0310.

  • Carrier Profile: Our first goal is to get you on the road, running how you like to run, and at a much lower cost than the big corporations. This information helps us when contracting brokers so that we know your equipment and your capabilities.
  •  Contract: This document, when signed by you, allows us to act as your agent when booking loads. It simply allows us to sign carrier agreements with the brokers and lets us sign for your load confirmations as well.
  • Credit Card Authorization Form: This allows us a worry-free way to bill you for the services that we are providing for you. You will receive a receipt confirmation in your e-mail.
  • Multiple Driver/Truck Form: So that we may better serve you and your needs, please fill out completely and accurately.
  • W-9: This form is for tax purposes. Every broker that you haul for will want this document.
  •  Limited Power of Attorney: Occasionally, a broker may require this signed document for us to book a load on your behalf.
  • Insurance Certificate: Most brokers will require a signed document naming them as the certificate holder. This will speed up the process of signing you up with a broker, and, in turn, getting you down the road faster.
  •  Proof of Authority: Motor Carrier (MC) authority document.
  • Letter of Assignment from your factoring company: Brokers will need this letter, so they know where to mail the check.


Upload proof of Authority (MC) *

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Upload W9 *

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Upload Insurance Certificate *

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What Types of equipment do you need dispatching for? *
Upload a letter of assignment from your factoring company

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Do you quick pay? *
Do you take fuel advances? *
Will your driver need fuel advance? *


Are you a small company with more than one truck running under your authority? *
Will your driver(s) have the right to make load decisions for you? *
Can the driver(s) receive a copy of the load confirmation? *
Do we need to do the initial dispatching of the driver, or will you? *


Please read sign and date

Terms and Condition

In the interest of superior service, this contract will include the expectations and responsibilities of NYB Ventures Group Inc and the signee below (herein referred to as carrier).

NYB Ventures Group Inc (herein referred to as dispatch), will provide the service of finding and setting up loads through brokers for owner operators and small fleets. Load confirmations will be sent immediately after being booked via email to the carrier.

When booking loads, dispatch will always credit check the load via your factoring company to make sure the broker has the necessary credit to pay for services rendered. If you would like to be quick paid and/or receive fuel advances, please inform us and dispatch will book the loads through the broker to the carrier’s standards and needs.

As a carrier, you must keep a 75 or less score on your DOT safety rating; you must keep all trucks and trailers in great working condition; you must keep current on physicals and drug testing; you must be available to work and accept loads 7 days a week; you must pickup/deliver all loads ON TIME (unless discussed with dispatch first); you must check call to dispatch twice daily for updates between the hours of 8am to 4pm EST.

Rates And Plans

NYB Ventures Group Inc offers carriers 3 dispatching plans

The terms for each plan is as follows;

  • Flat Rate- NYB Ventures Group will bill carriers a flat rate of $325 per week, per truck that NYB Ventures Group Inc provides dispatching services for. This will be billed to the card provided on file every Friday.
  • Per Load Basis- NYB Ventures Group Inc will bill carriers a flat rate of 10%  of the total cost of each load, per truck that NYB Ventures Group Inc provides dispatching services for. This will be billed per load to the agreed payment method that you have provided as soon as you have picked up the load. Payment  due within 6hrs of you receiving the invoice.
Terms and Conditions *
Select your Preferred Dispatching Plan
Select your payment method
(Credit Card is mandatory if your on the flat rate Plan)

Limited Power of Attorney

This form signed at date below allows NYB Ventures Group Inc and agents to sign all documents pertaining to and obtaining loads for my truck. This form is to remain in effect for these purposes ONLY until rescinded in writing by me.

Credit Card Authorization